Cervical Proximal Rest Acting as a Support for Polyamide Removable Partial Dentures

Dragoș Smărăndescu

Removable dentures may cause damage to the periodontium of the teeth that limit the edentation. Most of the RPD’s should be designed with a rest for a better distribution of forces on both the edentulous crest and the remaining teeth. Polyamide dentures that have no metal framework may be designed with occlusal rests on neighbouring teeth but the flexibility of the material is a disadvantage for the stability of the denture. The cervical proximal rest (CPR) may be a solution in such cases as it is placed on the proximal surface of one or more remaining teeth, thus ensuring a good stability of the denture without compromising the aesthetics as it is practically invisible. The CPR can be an appendix of a metal-ceramic or metal composite crown, or it can be resin-bonded to one of the remaining teeth.

Download (PDF, 459KB)


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