Alice Murariu, Doriana Agop Forna, Adelina Halaciugă, Diana Antonela Diaconu, Livia Bobu, Norina Consuela Forna

ABSTRACT The study aims at evaluating the satisfaction of the students at the Faculty of Dental Medicine in Iasi regarding their medical career. Material and methods: The study was carried out in 2016 by means of a questionnaire made up of 10 questions that was distributed to 115 students in the 5th and 6th year of study. Results: The reasons for choosing this career were first of all of economic and professional nature such as its independence and stability followed by the vocational aspects mentioned mainly by the female students. The options for professional accomplishment after graduation vary from the enrolling for the residency exam for 37.5% of students, the immediate beginning of the private activity for 36.5% to the migration abroad chosen by 26.1% of the study respondents. Conclusions: 69.6% of students declare they are satisfied by the educational process and the academic curriculum; however 80% of them consider that the number of practical activity hours should be increased to obtain the skills and abilities necessary for professional accomplishment. The satisfaction related to the student life was appreciated only by half of them, namely 51.3%. Key words: dental students, career satisfaction, career plans


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