Gradinaru Irina, Hurjui Loredana, Balcos Carina, Simionescu Ana-Maria Andreea, Antohe Magda-Ecaterina


The subtotal prostheses is a distinct entity around removable prosthetic requiring a special approach both in terms of capitalizing elements in the prosthetic field, outstanding as well and in the sense of optimizing and improving them in order to mitigate this quite serious mutilation and to the procession of consequences on what  they have on the whole stomatognathic system with an echo on the general balance of the body .  The purpose of this study aims to individualize the clinical-technological approaches in subtotal edentation based on the correlation of data between biomechanical analysis by the finite element method realized between the overlay prostheses that use the attachments as support and stabilization means and the overlay prostheses with social profile, and the particularities of the clinical case. The biomechanical analysis was performed by the finite element method, quantifying the state of stresses and deformations recorded at the level of the subtotal edentulous prosthetic field, under the conditions of the overlay prosthesis, alternating the different therapeutic possibilities. The overlay prosthetic system in this clinical case leads not only to the prevention of resorption and atrophy syndrome, but also to augmentation, support and stability.

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