Marina Meleșcanu-Imre, Mihaela Pantea, Ana Maria Cristina Ţâncu

ABSTRACT Aim: The aim of this study is to test two types of adhesives dedicated to complete dentures as regards the improvement of denture retention, patients’ comfort and the interactions between such adhesives and saliva. Material and methods: The study was conducted on 8 bimaxillary completely edentulous patients (with complete denture rehabilitations), divided into two groups. The protocol implied: testing the dentures retention; evaluation of patients’ comfort; in vitro evaluation of interactions between these adhesives and saliva. Results and Discussions: Dentures’ retention improved and increased values of the saliva pH were recorded for both adhesives; discreet variations as regards the taste alterations were noted; buffer capacity, salivary flow and saliva quality did not show significant differences. Conclusions: Dental adhesives provide benefits in case of complete dentures with poor retention; patients feel increased comfort without significant taste alteration; adhesives have beneficial impact on salivary pH increase with positive effects on oral health

Download (PDF, 642KB)

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