Assessment Of Orthodontic Treatment Needs Of Schoolchildren From Iasi According To Index Of Orthodontic Treatment Needs (IOTN) And Dental Aesthetic Index (DAI)

Andrei Corneaga, Ioan Danila, Carina Balcos

To assess the distribution, prevalence and severity of malocclusion and orthodontic treatment needs in schoolchildren from Iasi, 12 years old. A sample of 200 schoolchildren (92 males and 108 females) randomly selected was obtained from 4 public schools from Iasi, Romania. The need for orthodontic treatment was measured using the IOTN and DAI. The DAI most of the subjects (77%) were deemed to require orthodontic treatment. Only about 5.8% had a handicapping malocclusion that needed mandatory treatment. A severe malocclusion for which treatment was highly desirable was recorded in 23% of the schoolchildren and 23.7% had a definite malocclusion for which treatment was elective. There were no significant differences (p>0.05) in mean DAI scores between males and females. The IOTN/DHC: 15.3 % (95 % CI) of the 12-year olds need orthodontic treatment (grades 4 and 5). IOTN/AC: 11.4 % (95 % CI) in the 12-year olds need orthodontic treatment. No significant differences in the treatment needs proportions by gender were found (p>0.05). 77% of the adolescents from Iasi were in need of orthodontic treatment for dental health reasons. This study provides baseline data on the need and demand for orthodontic treatment among schoolchildren from Iasi.

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