Antiinflammatory Periodontal Therapy Impact Assessment In Patients With Cardiovascular Diseases

Liliana Pasarin, Ioana Rudnic, Catalina Danila, Oana Potarnichie, Sorina Solomon, Amelia Surdu-Macovei, Alexandra Martu, Silvia Martu 

The purpose of this study is to determine whether eliminating periodontal infection may have a favourable impact in patients with risk to inducing a cardiovascular disease. Materials and methods The study included 94 patients with generalized severe periodontitis, during their 6 months follow-up period, which were evaluated for periodontal changes after initiation of non-surgical periodontal therapy. Serological and clinical periodontal parameters were assessed at baseline, at 2 and 6 months after the initiation of non-surgical treatment. Also were evaluated the effects of systemic treatment for severe periodontitis by examination of changes produced by treatment on inflammatory markers that are otherwise involved in atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. Results It was shown that the control of periodontal infection causes a reduction for markers of inflammation in a small proportion of the population with severe and acute forms of periodontal diseases. Given the limitations of this study, the data demonstrates an interrelation between the general health and periodontal disease. Conclusions We recommend regular check-ups to the dentist to avoid the occurrence and progression of a periodontal pathology influenced by systemic administration of drug therapy in cardiovascular diseases.

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