Cojocariu Andreea-Codruța, Neagu Carina Sonia, Șerban Christa, Modiga Cristina, Țogoe Marius Mihai, Jivănescu Anca, Meda-Lavinia Negruțiu, Virgil-Florin Duma, Adrian Gh. Podoleanu, Sinescu Cosmin


Aim of the study The purpose of this study is to review the latest technologies and to present their operating principles in order to enable practitioners to have a clearer picture of the preferred technology for use in day-to-day practice. Material and methods For this review, the literature was analysed online. The sites that were searched were PubMed, Web of Science. The keywords used to search for items of interest were: intraoral optic scanning, ultrasound impression, OCT impression. Results The multitude of available impression techniques have many advantages allowing  practitioners the opportunity to chose their prefered method. In recent years, various revolutionary impression methods and technologies have appeared on the market.

Conclusions The digital impression techniques, regardless of the technology used, have a lot of qualities, being non-invasive, easy to work with for the practitioner, and easy to accept for the patient.

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