Consuela Norina Forna,

Dental Patients’ Involvement In Infection Control: Educational Aspects

Lucia Barlean, Ioan Dănilă, Dana Baciu,

Efficacy Of Laser In Root Canal Treatment

Sharonit Sahar-Helft, Joshua Moshonov, Adam Stabholz,

Oral Rehabilitation On Small Substance Loss Cases

Consuela Norina Forna, Robert Sader,

Face Transplants: Ethical And Scientific Stakes

Philippe Pirnay,

Telescoping Implant Protheses With Galvano Mesostructures

Emanuel Bratu, Dorin Bratu, Ioan Borsanu,

Periodontal Aspects In Children And Adolescents With Down Syndrome

Vasilica Toma, Adam Maxim, Adriana Balan, Diana Gheban, Cristiana Dana Rotaru, Florina Filip, Liliana Foia,

The Interim Denture – A Case Report

Mihaela Păuna, Gabriela Haghieac, Ruxandra Margarit, Zisi Sonila,

A Comparative Clinical Study Of Implants In The Posterior Maxilla: Methods Of Sinus Floor Augmentation Versus Standard Implantation

Fahim Atamni, Valentin Topalo,

The Anterior Hyperfunction Syndrom – Fem Simulation

Cătălina Murariu Măgureanu, Elena Preoteasa,

Latest Functionally Orthodontic Treatment Without Tooth Extraction Bend On Special Belongings Of Human Being!

André Jürgen,

Aspects Of The Bioactive Implants Involved In Periointegration Concept

Sandhaus Sami, Consuela Norina Forna,

Report To The National Academy Of Dental Surgery Infectious Complications Of Articular Prosthesis And Bucco-Dental Infection

M. Guillain, B. Tomeno, J.P. Courpied, Y. Commissionat, G. Princ, R. Moatty, F. Boukhoubza, N. Al-Zriqat,

Interview With Prof. Dr. SAMI SANDHAUS, Founding Member Of The European Society Of Oral Rehabilitation

The 2nd International Congress Of The Romanian Society Of Oral Rehabilitation Bucharest, November 18-21, 2009 – Dental Medicine Between Standards And Current Practice

Present Day Topics Approached During The Conference And Hand’s On Of The International Congress – Bucharest, 18-21 November 2009