Consuela Norina Forna,

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Correlations Between The Periodontal Modifications And Lipid Peroxidation In Periodontal Disease Patients

Ioana Martu, Ionut Luchian, Ancuta Goriuc, Laura Checherita, Silvia Martu, Consuela Norina Forna,

The purpose of the study Our study was centred on the comparative research of enzymatic and non-enzymatic oxidative status mediators in the crevicular fluid on chronic and aggressive periodontitis patients, compared to periodontal healthy subjects. Materials and methods The study was conducted on 42 patients. They were divided in 3 study groups: chronic periodontitis subjects, aggressive...


Consuela Norina Forna,

Dear colleagues,Interdisciplinarity constitutes a keyword with profound implications in order to reach performance in the medical practice as well as to materialize the integrative holistic vision of oral and general rehabilitation.Failure to see the dental medicine as a self-sufficient clinical entity constitutes the sine qua non condition of a modern therapeutic approach that governs the...

The Contribution Of Medical Robots To Clinical Performance: Up-To-Date

Gabriela Savuc, Doriana Forna, Consuela Norina Forna,

The paper presents several theoretical aspects regarding the current stage of robots’ performance in the medical field. While robots have the potential and ability to improve the precision, movements, skills and capacities of the human hand, their presence in clinics is rather reduced, although their use is necessary in a variety of branches of the medical “industry”. Medical robots...

Impact of Diabetes Mellitus on Oral Cavity

Ionela Roxana Vasluianu, Alice Murariu, Magda Ecaterina Antohe, Consuela Norina Forna,

Introduction The pathology from the level of the oral cavity may represents sings of homeostasic disequilibrium or structural modifications on the level of the entire organism. The oral manifestations can be indicators in order to establish an early diagnosis for the general disease. Material and methods The patients suffering from diabetes mellitus were examined and they presented different...

Management of the Patient Candidate to Prosthetic Implant Solution

Costin Iulian Lupu, Consuela Norina Forna,

The success of any therapeutic solutions is based on psychological training and motivation of the patient. Nowadays, the dentist who uses a prosthetic implant solution has at hand a series of laboratory tests using various radiological software that provides more accurate images. This software that is used at digital radiographs, CT, also allows simulations of the number, the implant positioning,...

Statistical Analysis of the Factors which can Influence the Results of Therapy by Root Amputation on Bridge Abutment Teeth

C. Daguci, Luminita Daguci, Mihaela Păuna, Consuela Norina Forna, Veronica Mercuţ, Mihail-Raul Popescu, O.C. Andrei, Ruxandra Margarit, Marilena Bataiosu,

In this study we have monitored the assessment of the prognosis related to the root amputation therapy and the examination of factors which influenced the failures and had an effect upon the viability of this surgical technique. The statistical analysis carried out within this study comprised two groups of patients summarizing a total number of 146 patients; the study was carried out for a period...

Direct Lateral Window Approach Sinus Augmentation Procedure

Dragos Virvescu, Consuela Norina Forna,

The aim of the present study was to assess long-term changes in sinus-graft height after maxillary sinus floor augmentation. A total of 32 patients who underwent maxillary sinus floor augmentation were radiographically followed for up to about 2 years. The dental implants were applied in each case 6 months after the sinus augmentation. A 2:1:1 mixture of autogenous bone and bovine xenograft...

The Determination of the Elasticity Constants of the Materials for Removable Partial Dentures

Monica Andronache, Bogdan Leitoiu, Viorel Goanta, Consuela Norina Forna,

The knowledge of the elastic characteristic of the constituting materials of the dentures is necessary in the calculation of strength, strains and stability, in the experimental stress analysis and in the finite element method usage. Purpose the study establishes the material constants: the coefficients of elasticity and Poisson coefficients. Materials: we used 4 specimens from specific...


Consuela Norina Forna,

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