Mihaela Sorina Solomon, Gianina Iovan, Liliana Pasarin, Georgeta Irina Sufaru, Ioana Martu, Ionut Luchian, Alexandra Maria Mârţu, Silvia Martu,

Abstract. Progress in understanding the etiopathogenesis of periodontal disease has led to a reconsideration of the importance of the role of different risk factors in disease processes. Risk factors act in a very personal way. The same set of risk factors that cause increased susceptibility to periodontitis in a person may have no effect on another person. Changing or eliminating a risk factor...


Cerasela Sincar, Sorina Solomon, Ioana Rudnic, Ioana Martu, Silvia Martu,

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Paula Diana Radu-Ghica, Ioana Rudnic, Corina Cristescu, Cristala Diana Niţescu, Silvia Martu,

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Statistical Study On Diabetes Mellitus Incidence In Periodontally Affected Patients

Oana Potârniche, Manuela Arbune, Irina Ursarescu, Silvia Martu,

Introduction Diabetes mellitus effects on oral cavity level are significant, affecting all the stomatognathic system components. Oral cavity tissues on diabetes mellitus patients are affected by diseases with a higher incidence, worse evolution and more frequent complication. The aim of the study The purpose of the present paper consists in a statistical study of diabetes mellitus presence in...

Correlations Between The Periodontal Modifications And Lipid Peroxidation In Periodontal Disease Patients

Ioana Martu, Ionut Luchian, Ancuta Goriuc, Laura Checherita, Silvia Martu, Consuela Norina Forna,

The purpose of the study Our study was centred on the comparative research of enzymatic and non-enzymatic oxidative status mediators in the crevicular fluid on chronic and aggressive periodontitis patients, compared to periodontal healthy subjects. Materials and methods The study was conducted on 42 patients. They were divided in 3 study groups: chronic periodontitis subjects, aggressive...

Digitized Diagnostic Systems Between Challenge And Necessity In Young Dentists’ Clinical Practice

Ionut Luchian, Ioana Martu, Monica Tatarciuc, Silvia Martu,

When we start working as a dentist we should keep in mind that all our efforts should be focused on providing the best dental care to our patients but doing that as a young doctor can be sometimes extremely challenging. We all agree on the fact that for a suitable and ethical treatment planning we have to establish a correct diagnosis. Correct diagnosis involves knowledge, good training and...

The Assessment Of Root Canal Sealers Ph In The Treatment Of Periapical Inflammation Processes – An In Vitro Study

Alexandra Mârțu, Liana Aminov, Silvia Martu, Maria Vataman,

Introduction: The endodontic treatment represents the best conservative option for irreversible endodontically affected teeth maintenance on the dental arch. Besides the rigorous mechanic-chemical treatment, in aseptic conditions, the regenerative or, on the contrary, inhibitive qualities of the root canal sealer on the periradicular tissue play an important role in the long-term success of the...

The Effects Of Periodontal Therapy On Biochemical Inflammatory Markers On Renal Dysfunction Patients

Cerasela Sincar, Sorina Solomon, Ioana Rudnic, Ioana Martu, Silvia Martu,

Introduction Recent studies have shown an association between high levels of C-Reactive Protein (CRP), Interleukin-6 (IL-6) and chronic periodontitis, association which is diminished after the periodontal treatment. Due to this association, chronic periodontitis was recently considered as a risk factor for chronic kidney disease. The aim of the study The purpose of this study was to demonstrate...

Studies Regarding The Bidirectional Relationship Between The Periodontal Disease And Hyperlipidaemia

Amelia Surdu-Macovei, Ioana Rudnic, Ioana Martu, Sorina Solomon, Liliana Pasarin, Silvia Martu,

Introduction Hyperlipidaemia is influenced by the oral diseases, especially by the periodontal disease. The systemic exposure to infection challenges may have as a result the release of inflammatory cytokines, modifying the lipid metabolism, promoting hyperlipidaemia and atherosclerosis. Aim of the study The present study was conducted in order to assess the levels of cholesterol, low density...

Research Regarding The Interaction Between Herpesviruses And Bacterial Agents In Aggressive Periodontitis Etiopathogeny

Mihaela Simona Grigoras, Ioana Rudnic, Catalina Danila, Oana Potârniche, Silvia Martu,

Introduction and purpose of the study Recent studies have proved that herpes viruses are involved in the aggressive periodontitis aetiology. The present study analyses if the presence of viruses in the aggressive periodontitis lesions is associated with periodontal pathogenic bacterial agents. Material and method The study was conducted on 16 subjects divided in two groups: a group of 11 subjects...

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